Titre : Terrorisme
Auteur : Jacques Baud
Éditeur : Editions du Rocher
ISBN-13 : 9782268085470
Libération : 2016-04-22

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Le terrorisme doit être combattu, mais des réponses martiales, sans stratégie, souvent imposées au mépris du droit international, n'ont fait qu'amplifier le problème. La violence d'aujourd'hui a été provoquée par des gouvernements occidentaux en quête de succès extérieurs pour compenser leurs déboires en politique intérieure.Le terrorisme est né d'une résistance (Djihad) contre les interventions militaires occidentales, presque toujours illégitimes et souvent illégales, oubliées ou camouflées par des mensonges. Faiblesse analytique, manque d'anticipation, immobilisme stratégique et absence de réflexion ont créé « Al-Qaïda », puis généré l'État Islamique. Les attentats de janvier et novembre 2015 à Paris, puis de mars 2016 à Bruxelles, ont ainsi été la conséquence évitable d'un aventurisme meurtrier, qui a débuté en Libye et armé les Djihadistes pour renverser le gouvernement syrien. La lutte contre le terrorisme passe par un retour sur la face cachée des conflits, afin de comprendre la logique et la stratégie du terrorisme moderne.Un livre sans concessions, qui condamne une certaine hypocrisie occidentale, et décrypte les insuffisances du renseignement et de nos décisions pour nous pousser à porter un regard plus critique et mieux informé sur les conséquences de nos propres actions.Jacques Baud est colonel d'état-major général, ancien analyste des services de renseignement stratégique suisses. Engagé auprès des Nations unies dans de nombreux conflits, il est l'auteur de nombreux ouvrages de référence (Encyclopédie du Renseignement et des services secrets, Lavauzelle, 2002 ; La Guerre asymétrique ou la défaite du vainqueur, Rocher, 2003 ; Encyclopédie des terrorismes et des violences politiques, Lavauzelle, 2009).

Society Must be Defended

Titre : Society Must be Defended
Auteur : Michel Foucault
Éditeur : Penguin Books
ISBN-13 : 0140270868
Libération : 2004

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Foucalt deals with the emergence in the early 17th century of a new understanding of society and its relation to war.

The Paradox of Love

Titre : The Paradox of Love
Auteur : Pascal Bruckner
Éditeur : Princeton University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780691149141
Libération : 2012-01

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Drawing on history, politics, psychology and pop culture, the author traces the roots of sexual liberation to explain love's supreme paradox, and concludes that love's messiness, surprises and paradoxes are not merely the sources of its pain--but also of its pleasure.

Critique of Modernity

Titre : Critique of Modernity
Auteur : Alain Touraine
Éditeur : Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN-13 : 1557865310
Libération : 1995-05-22

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For over two hundred years, the notion of modernity has dominated Western social thought. Yet as we approach the end of the millenium, we find the concept under seige: constantly being challenged, rejected or refined. In Critique of Modernity d, Alain Touraine, one of our leading social thinkers, offers an outstanding analysis and reinterpretation of the modern for the twenty-first century.

Debriefing the President

Titre : Debriefing the President
Auteur : John Nixon
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780399575822
Libération : 2016-12-27

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In December 2003, after one of the largest, most aggressive manhunts in history, US military forces captured Iraqi president Saddam Hussein near his hometown of Tikrit. Beset by body-double rumors and false alarms during a nine-month search, the Bush administration needed positive identification of the prisoner before it could make the announcement that would rocket around the world. At the time, John Nixon was a senior CIA leadership analyst who had spent years studying the Iraqi dictator. Called upon to make the official ID, Nixon looked for telltale scars and tribal tattoos and asked Hussein a list of questions only he could answer. The man was indeed Saddam Hussein, but as Nixon learned in the ensuing weeks, both he and America had greatly misunderstood just who Saddam Hussein really was. Debriefing the President presents an astounding, candid portrait of one of our era’s most notorious strongmen. Nixon, the first man to conduct a prolonged interrogation of Hussein after his capture, offers expert insight into the history and mind of America’s most enigmatic enemy. After years of parsing Hussein’s leadership from afar, Nixon faithfully recounts his debriefing sessions and subsequently strips away the mythology surrounding an equally brutal and complex man. His account is not an apology, but a sobering examination of how preconceived ideas led Washington policymakers—and the Bush White House—astray. Unflinching and unprecedented, Debriefing the President exposes a fundamental misreading of one of the modern world’s most central figures and presents a new narrative that boldly counters the received account. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Brief History of the Future

Titre : A Brief History of the Future
Auteur : Jacques Attali
Éditeur : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9781628721331
Libération : 2013-12-13

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What will planet Earth be like in twenty years? At mid-century? In the year 2100? Prescient and convincing, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Never has the world offered more promise for the future and been more fraught with dangers. Attali anticipates an unraveling of American hegemony as transnational corporations sever the ties linking free enterprise to democracy. World tensions will be primed for horrific warfare for resources and dominance. The ultimate question is: Will we leave our children and grandchildren a world that is not only viable but better, or in this nuclear world bequeath to them a planet that will be a living hell? Either way, he warns, the time to act is now.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Titre : The Picture of Dorian Gray
Auteur : Oscar Wilde
Éditeur : Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN-13 : 0192833650
Libération : 1998-01

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With an Introduction and Notes by John M.L. Drew, University of Buckingham.

Betting on Famine

Titre : Betting on Famine
Auteur : Jean Ziegler
Éditeur : New Press, The
ISBN-13 : 9781595588494
Libération : 2013-08-06

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Few know that world hunger was very nearly eradicated in our lifetimes. In the past five years, however, widespread starvation has suddenly reappeared, and chronic hunger is a major issue on every continent. In an extensive investigation of this disturbing shift, Jean Ziegler—one of the world’s leading food experts—lays out in clear and accessible terms the complex global causes of the new hunger crisis. Ziegler’s wide-ranging and fascinating examination focuses on how the new sustainable revolution in energy production has diverted millions of acres of corn, soy, wheat, and other grain crops from food to fuel. The results, he shows, have been sudden and startling, with declining food reserves sending prices to record highs and a new global commodities market in ethanol and other biofuels gobbling up arable lands in nearly every continent on earth. Like Raj Patel’s pathbreaking Stuffed and Starved, Betting on Famine will enlighten the millions of Americans concerned about the politics of food at home—and about the forces that prevent us from feeding the world’s children.

Simulacra and Simulation

Titre : Simulacra and Simulation
Auteur : Jean Baudrillard
Éditeur : University of Michigan Press
ISBN-13 : 0472065211
Libération : 1994

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The first full-length translation in English of an essential work of postmodernist thought

Incoherent Empire

Titre : Incoherent Empire
Auteur : Michael Mann
Éditeur : Verso
ISBN-13 : 1844675289
Libération : 2005

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A provocative critique of George W. Bush and his administration analyzes the dangerous, self-interested, anti-democratic, and imperialistic policies of the Bush administration, arguing that they have resulted in increasing stagnation, militarism, and new threats of terrorism. Reprint.