Master Handbook of Acoustics

Titre : Master Handbook of Acoustics
Auteur : F. Alton Everest
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071603331
Libération : 2009-05-31

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Practical Instruction on the Art and Science of Acoustic Design and Architecture Build your own acoustic environments such as recording studios, control rooms, and home listening rooms with expert insights from two engineering professionals. Fully expanded to cover the latest methods and software tools, Master Handbook of Acoustics, Fifth Edition presents clear explanations of acoustic phenomena and provides a hands-on approach to room design. Learn how to perform acoustic measurements, choose room dimensions, assign speaker placement, analyze response curves, and design and install sound absorbers and diffusers. You will also find details on how to fine-tune room reverberation, minimize external noise, and apply psychoacoustic concepts. Master Handbook of Acoustics, Fifth Edition explains how to: Determine how sound propagates in open and enclosed spaces Measure sound-pressure levels and work with decibels Analyze the characteristics of room modal resonances Treat rooms for optimal early reflections, reverberation, and diffusion Minimize acoustic distortion, comb-filter effects, and HVAC interference Construct high-quality stereo and surround-sound listening rooms Design personal and professional recording studios and control rooms Understand the acoustics of auditoriums and concert halls Optimize room designs using measurement, modeling, and auralization software

Master Handbook of Acoustics Sixth Edition

Titre : Master Handbook of Acoustics Sixth Edition
Auteur : F. Alton Everest
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071841030
Libération : 2014-12-08

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The most complete and current guide to architectural acoustics principles and practices Design and construct audiophile-quality sonic environments of all sizes--from home theaters and project studios to large-scale recording studios. Thoroughly revised to include new acoustical design techniques, Master Handbook of Acoustics, Sixth Edition, explains the art and science of room acoustics and architecture by combining theoretical instruction with matter-of-fact engineering advice. Written by renowned experts in the field and refined through several editions, this fully updated classic describes the fundamentals of acoustical properties, as well as the latest solutions to acoustical problems. Throughout, this authoritative text provides clear explanations, describes hands-on techniques, and features numerous room designs that can be built as presented, or adapted to your particular needs. Understand how sound waves travel in free fields and in enclosed spaces Learn how human sound perception and psychoacoustics affect room design Calculate and predict reflections, reverberation times, and room modes Perform acoustical measurements and site surveys, and choose construction materials Design, build, and install treatment modules to optimize early reflections, reverberation, and diffusion Design and build home theaters, home studios, control rooms, recording studios, and other acoustically sensitive spaces Reduce HVAC noise levels, and achieve excellent sound isolation with proven wall, window, and door designs Understand the acoustics of auditoriums and concert halls Utilize the supplied cost-effective plans and specifications for a variety of recording and listening rooms

Master Handbook of Acoustics

Titre : Master Handbook of Acoustics
Auteur : F. Alton Everest
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071399746
Libération : 2000-10-13

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The goal of this book is to apply the principles of acoustics to the audio arts. This involves serving as an interpreter of major trends and the literature for students and practitioners in the audio field. Along with covering the more theoretical aspects of acoustics, the book applies the theory to the design of specialized audio spaces such as the home listening room, the control room, and the multi-track-recording studio.

Springer Handbook of Acoustics

Titre : Springer Handbook of Acoustics
Auteur : Thomas Rossing
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9780387304465
Libération : 2007-06-21

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This is an unparalleled modern handbook reflecting the richly interdisciplinary nature of acoustics edited by an acknowledged master in the field. The handbook reviews the most important areas of the subject, with emphasis on current research. The authors of the various chapters are all experts in their fields. Each chapter is richly illustrated with figures and tables. The latest research and applications are incorporated throughout, including computer recognition and synthesis of speech, physiological acoustics, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications and acoustical oceanography. An accompanying CD-ROM contains audio and video files.

Handbook of Sound Studio Construction Rooms for Recording and Listening

Titre : Handbook of Sound Studio Construction Rooms for Recording and Listening
Auteur : Ken Pohlmann
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071772754
Libération : 2012-12-06

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Build first-class recording studios and listening spaces Design and build your own audiophile-grade recording and playback environments using proven, cost-effective plans and techniques. Handbook of Sound Studio Construction: Rooms for Recording and Listening explains practical acoustical properties and describes how to engineer acoustically sensitive spaces, including music recording studios, control rooms, voice studios, home project studios, A/V suites, media rooms, and surround-sound home theaters. Learn how to choose room dimensions, select building materials, construct your own custom treatments, maximize isolation, and generate and analyze response curves. This do-it-yourself guide incorporates decades of roomdesign experience and provides you with the practical knowledge to design and build your own acoustical spaces or improve existing spaces. Coverage includes: An introduction to room acoustics and acoustical design Reflecting, absorbing, and diffusing materials Room geometry, modes, and treatment Acoustic isolation, site selection, and HVAC design Wall, floor, and ceiling construction Window and door design considerations Reverberation times, early reflections, and psychoacoustics Objective and subjective room evaluation Plans and specifications for 10 recording and listening rooms

The Master Handbook of Acoustics

Titre : The Master Handbook of Acoustics
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 7136090075
Libération : 2001

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The Master Handbook of Acoustics Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Master Handbook of Audio Production

Titre : Master Handbook of Audio Production
Auteur : Jerry C. Whitaker
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 0071408762
Libération : 2003

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An in-depth "how-to" covering the full range of modern audio techniques, from digital sound recording in the studio to sound for digital video and film, this guide details essential equipment, recording methods, and digital signal processing techniques.

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Titre : The Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Auteur : Gary Davis
Éditeur : Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN-13 : 0881889008
Libération : 1989

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(Yamaha Products). Sound reinforcement is the use of audio amplification systems. This book is the first and only book of its kind to cover all aspects of designing and using such systems for public address and musical performance. The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers. This revised edition features almost 40 new pages and is even easier to follow with the addition of an index and a simplified page and chapter numbering system. New topics covered include: MIDI, Synchronization, and an Appendix on Logarithms. 416 Pages.

Handbook of Environmental Acoustics

Titre : Handbook of Environmental Acoustics
Auteur : James P. Cowan
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 0471285846
Libération : 1993-12-15

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Because environmental acoustics has a complex mathematical basis, it is often difficult to determine whether acoustical recommendations are valid. Handbook of Environmental Acoustics simplifies this decision–making process and provides easy–to–follow explanations of acoustic terminology, noise control design, and regulatory noise issues. The book clarifies key aspects of environmental noise in basic language, covering: ∗ Common noise sources––including the risk of exposure to common daily environmental noise sources ∗ Current noise regulations, guidelines, and standards––illustrating all key points ∗ Acoustic terminology and environmental noise descriptors––providing a foundation for understanding noise issues ∗ Effects of noise on people and animals––emphasizing the importance of restricting noise exposure ∗ Relevant noise rating methods––clarifiying the use of noise metrics ∗ Construction and building code requirements––explaining current requirements and featuring tips on how to avoid privacy problems ∗ Measurement considerations––demonstrating standard methods and offering practical advice on how to ensure proper measurement procedures ∗ Noise control designs––detailing source–path–receiver systems and noise control fundamentals In addition to traditional noise control methods, new areas, such as active noise control, sound intensity measurement, and diffusive designs, are explained. A sample municipal noise ordinance helps the user to draft an ordinance tailored to the needs of a particular community. Avoiding complex mathematics and analyses, Handbook of Environmental Acoustics is a user–friendly manual for urban planners, municipal officials, engineers, attorneys, industrial hygienists, architects, environmental professionals, and students in these fields.

Architectural Acoustics

Titre : Architectural Acoustics
Auteur : Marshall Long
Éditeur : Academic Press
ISBN-13 : 9780123982650
Libération : 2014-02-05

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Architectural Acoustics, Second Edition presents a thorough technical overview of the discipline, from basic concepts to specific design advice. Beginning with a brief history, it reviews the fundamentals of acoustics, human perception and reaction to sound, acoustic noise measurements, noise metrics, and environmental noise characterization. In-depth treatment is given to the theoretical principles and practical applications of wave acoustics, sound transmission, vibration and vibration isolation, and noise transmission in floors and mechanical systems. Chapters on specific design problems demonstrate how to apply the theory, including treatment of multifamily dwellings, office buildings, rooms for speech, rooms for music, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, sanctuaries, studios, listening rooms, and the design of sound reinforcement systems. Detailed figures illustrate the practical applications of acoustic principles, showing how to implement design ideas in actual structures. This compendium of theoretical and practical design information brings the relevant concepts, equations, techniques, and specific design problems together in one place, including both fundamentals and more advanced material. Practicing engineers will find it an invaluable reference for their daily work, while advanced students will appreciate its rigorous treatment of the basic building blocks of acoustical theory. Considered the most complete resource in the field – includes basic fundamental relations, derived from first principles, and examples needed to solve real engineering problems. Provides a well-organized text for students first approaching the subject as well as a reliable reference for experienced practitioners looking to refresh their technical knowledge base. New content for developing professionals includes case studies and coverage of specific focus areas such as audio visual design, theaters, and concert halls.