Hatier Concours CRPE 2017 Epreuve orale d admission Histoire

Titre : Hatier Concours CRPE 2017 Epreuve orale d admission Histoire
Auteur : Charles Mercier
Éditeur : Hatier
ISBN-13 : 9782218983603
Libération : 2016-08-31

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Cet ouvrage s’adresse aux étudiants qui préparent l’épreuve d’admission du CRPE. ♦ Un outil indispensable pour réussir l’épreuve d’histoire du CRPE ♦ Un ouvrage de référence : • le point sur l’enseignement de l’histoire à l’école primaire, les démarches, les pratiques • la méthodologie pour rédiger le dossier et préparer l’oral • des dossiers types du concours commentés • toutes les connaissances disciplinaires nécessaires : le cours, les dates clés et les repères du programme

La manuel d Histoire et g ographie du PE

Titre : La manuel d Histoire et g ographie du PE
Auteur : Laurent Bonnet
Éditeur : Hachette Éducation
ISBN-13 : 9782011817273
Libération : 2008-09-03

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Cet ouvrage allie des objectifs de savoirs et de savoir-faire. Il expose des contenus scientifiques actualisés et structurés autour des points forts du programme, éclaire les repères chronologiques et spatiaux fondamentaux, insiste sur les personnages et groupes significatifs et privilégie le vocabulaire et les notions retenus par le programme et son document d’application. Il propose une analyse et des pistes d’exploitation des outils qui permettront à chaque professeur des écoles d’envisager une mise en activité pertinente des élèves. Points forts : - Une analyse détaillée du programme et de son document d’application - Des mises au point sur les contenus scientifiques indispensables à la préparation des séances - Des précisions pour aborder les thèmes en classe - Des propositions pour l’étude des repères chronologiques et des personnages significatifs - Des pistes d’exploitation des outils fondamentaux pour la mise en œuvre des compétences visées par le programme. Le sommaire : Les enjeux et outils de l’enseignement de l’histoire et de la géographie au cycle 3 - La Préhistoire - L’Antiquité - Le Moyen Âge - Les temps modernes - La Révolution et le XIXe siècle - Le XXe siècle et notre époque - Réalités locales et régionales - Le territoire français dans l’Union européenne - Les français dans le contexte européen - Se déplacer en France et en Europe - Produire en France - la France dans le monde Public ciblé : Professeurs des écoles, stagiaires, débutants et confirmés

Arsene Lupin English

Titre : Arsene Lupin English
Auteur : Maurice Leblanc
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9788892584433
Libération : 2016-03-28

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Maurice Marie Émile Leblanc (11 November 1864 – 6 November 1941) was a French novelist and writer of short stories, known primarily as the creator of the fictional gentleman thief and detective Arsène Lupin, often described as a French counterpart to Arthur Conan Doyle's creation Sherlock Holmes.

Blue Beard Illustrated

Titre : Blue Beard Illustrated
Auteur : Charles Perrault
Éditeur : The Planet
ISBN-13 : 9781908478467
Libération : 2011-11-23

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The classic fairy tale of Blue Beard illustrated by Walter Crane. Crane's work in children's books in cooperation with the publisher Edmund Evans earned him worldwide fame in the latter 19th century.

Women in the Days of Cathedrals

Titre : Women in the Days of Cathedrals
Auteur : Régine Pernoud
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UVA:X004222432
Libération : 1998

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Regine Pernoud has addressed herself to the study of many questions about the status of women in the Middle Ages and presents her surprising answers in this captivating work. Here one learns that the most ancient treatise on education in France was written by a woman; and medicine was practiced regularly by women in the thirteenth century; that in the twelfth century the Order of Fontevraud gathered both monks and religious sisters under the authority of an abbess. This is a systematic study that provides a multitude of concrete examples. No aspect of feminine activity in the course of the medieval periods is neglected: administration of property, professions and commerce, the intellectual life, even politics; writers, educators, sovereigns, and those who enlivened the royal courts. Moreover, the author draws from the history of law and the history of events and social customs to sketch something never before attempted, an outline of the evolution of the power of women. This is a classic work without reference to which any inquiry into the questions addressed here must remain incomplete.

The Book of the City of Ladies

Titre : The Book of the City of Ladies
Auteur : Christine Pizan
Éditeur : Penguin UK
ISBN-13 : 9780141907581
Libération : 1999-06-09

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Christine de Pizan (c.1364-1430) was France's first professional woman of letters. Her pioneering Book of the City of Ladies begins when, feeling frustrated and miserable after reading a male writer's tirade against women, Christine has a dreamlike vision where three virtues - Reason, Rectitude and Justice - appear to correct this view. They instruct her to build an allegorical city in which womankind can be defended against slander, its walls and towers constructed from examples of female achievement both from her own day and the past: ranging from warriors, inventors and scholars to prophetesses, artists and saints. Christine de Pizan's spirited defence of her sex was unique for its direct confrontation of the misogyny of her day, and offers a telling insight into the position of women in medieval culture. THE CITY OF LADIES provides positive images of women, ranging from warriors and inventors, scholars to prophetesses, and artists to saints. The book also offers a fascinating insight into the debates and controversies about the position of women in medieval culture.

The Nazi Seizure of Power The Experience of a Single German Town 1922 1945 Revised Edition

Titre : The Nazi Seizure of Power The Experience of a Single German Town 1922 1945 Revised Edition
Auteur : William Sheridan Allen
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1626540187
Libération : 2014-11-17

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William Sheridan Allen's research provides an intimate, comprehensive study of the mechanics of revolution and an analysis of the Nazi Party's subversion of democracy. Beginning at the end of the Weimar Republic, Allen examines the entire period of the Nazi Revolution within a single locality. Tackling one of the 20th century's greatest dilemmas, Allen demonstrates how this dictatorship subtly surmounted democracy and how the Nazi seizure of power encroached from below. Relying upon legal records and interviews with primary sources, Allen dissects Northeim, Germany with microscopic precision to depict the transformation of a sleepy town to a Nazi stronghold. In this cogent analysis, Allen argues that Hitler rose to power primarily through democratic tactics that incited localized support rather than through violent means. Allen's detailed, analysis has indisputably become a classic. Revised on the basis of newly discovered Nazi documents, "The Nazi Seizure of Power: The Experience of a Single German Town, 1922-1945" continues to significantly contribute to the understanding of this prominent political and moral dispute of the 1900s. William Sheridan Allen (1932-2013), a distinguished scholar of German history, traveled to the small town of Northeim in the 1950s to investigate the true nature of the Nazi Party's rise to power. There he conducted an exhaustive study of local newspapers, periodicals, reports, budget information, crime statistics, and court cases dating from 1922-1945. "The Nazi Seizure of Power" synthesizes Allen's research. Allen also edited and translated "The Infancy of Nazism: The Memoirs of Ex-Gauleiter Albert Krebs, 19232-1933."

Fatal Purity

Titre : Fatal Purity
Auteur : Ruth Scurr
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781448129911
Libération : 2012-03-31

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Robespierre was only thirty-six when he died, sent to the guillotine where he had sent thousands ahead of him. Robespierre and the Revolution were inseparable: a single inflexible tyrant. But what turned a shy young lawyer into the living embodiment of the Terror at its most violent? Admirers called him 'the great incorruptible'; critics dubbed him a 'monster', a 'bloodthirsty charlatan'. Ruth Scurr sheds new light on this puzzle, tracing Robespierre's life from a troubled childhood in provincial Arras to the passionate idealist, fighting for the rights of the people, and sweeping on to the implacable leader prepared to sign the death warrant for his closest friends.

Justinian and Theodora

Titre : Justinian and Theodora
Auteur : Robert Browning
Éditeur : Gorgias PressLlc
ISBN-13 : 1593330537
Libération : 2003

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The story of the peasant's son who became an emperor and the dissolute actress who resided beside him on the throne is one of the greatest and most controversial romances of history. United, they presided over a key epoch in the formation of Europe.

Natural Disasters Cultural Responses

Titre : Natural Disasters Cultural Responses
Auteur : Christof Mauch
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0739124153
Libération : 2009-01-01

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This collection of essays testifies to the profound impact that earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other such events have had on humans throughout history in every part of the world. Several contributors argue that the experience of catastrophe has changed humans' behavior and perceptions over time without necessarily reducing their degree of exposure or risk. The book includes case studies from Western Europe, Scandinavia, Algeria, the Middle East, China, India, the Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, and the East Coast of the United States, ranging from the medieval through the modern period. While natural disasters occur around the globe, different cultures, societies, and regions have adopted specific methods and technologies for managing local hazards and for surviving catastrophic natural events. Indeed, how humans deal with catastrophes depends largely on social and cultural patterns, values, belief systems, political institutions, and economic structures. The roles that natural disasters play in society and the meanings they are given vary from one political and geographic space to the next. The essays collected here help us to understand not only how people across the centuries have learned to cope with disaster but also how communities in different parts of the world have developed cultural, social, and technological strategies for doing so.