Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Titre : Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
Auteur : Nancy Scanlan
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780470958896
Libération : 2011-01-06

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Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first resource on holistic veterinary care written specifically for the veterinary technician. Organized by treatment modality, the book offers practical information designed to help readers develop an understanding of each modality, assist with procedures associated with holistic medicine, and knowledgeably discuss treatment options with clients. Outlining the respective roles of technicians and veterinarians throughout, this book is a welcome reference for readers looking to expand their knowledge of complementary veterinary medicine and introduce additional treatment options in their practice.

Xie s Chinese Veterinary Herbology

Titre : Xie s Chinese Veterinary Herbology
Auteur : Huisheng Xie
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781119949565
Libération : 2011-11-16

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Xie's Chinese Veterinary Herbology serves as a practical guide to the theory and application of Chinese Herbal Medicine into veterinary practices. Divided into three parts, the book covers herbal materia medica used in treating various disorders and diseases, herbal formulas, and the clinical application of treatments. The book also outlines each herb's history, the formulation of herbal recipes, energetic actions, indications and contraindications of each formula, dosages, and clinical and pharmacological studies performed with herbal treatments. This text serves as an invaluable reference to veterinarians looking to expand treatment options.

Animal Physiotherapy

Titre : Animal Physiotherapy
Auteur : Catherine McGowan
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118852309
Libération : 2016-03-17

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A thoroughly updated edition of this essential reference guide for physiotherapists and physical therapists, looking to apply the proven benefits of physiotherapy to the treatment of companion and performance animals. Seven new chapters provide greatly expanded coverage of practical treatment and rehabilitation Includes reviews of different physiotherapy techniques, drawing on both human and animal literature Discusses approaches in small animal medicine as well as for elite equine athletes Provides applied evidence-based clinical reasoning model, with case examples Now in full colour with many more illustrations

Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses

Titre : Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses
Auteur : Anthony Pusey
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118297056
Libération : 2011-11-18

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Written by pioneering and internationally-renowned specialists in the field, this text provides clinically-orientated information on osteopathy as a treatment for horses. It explains the scientific rationale of how osteopathy works in animals, as well as providing a detailed working guide to the technical skills and procedures you need to know to perform safe and effective osteopathic procedures. Drawing on well established practices for humans this book provides details on the full variety of diagnostic and therapeutic osteopathic procedures that can be used on horses. Full of practical information, it demonstrates how professionals treating equine locomotor problems can adapt different procedures in different clinical settings. Over 350 colour images and detailed step-by-step instructions demonstrate the procedures and practice of osteopathy. Covers treatment both with and without sedation and general anaesthetic. This comprehensive text is written for students and practitioners of osteopathy with an interest in treating horses. It will also be useful to other allied therapists, and to veterinary practitioners who want to know more about the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding

Titre : Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding
Auteur : D.C. Church
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0471637734
Libération : 1988

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This is an up-to-date revision of the most comprehensive text on animal nutrition and feeding, with new and expanded coverage of virtually all metabolic processes. Material new to the third edition includes coverage of proteins, effects of calcium deficiency, growth regulation, additives, indicator methods, and cost formulation in animal production. Chapters address common methods of analysis for nutrients and feedstuffs, measurement of feed and nutrient utilization and requirements by animals, energy metabolism, feeding standards and production functions, factors affecting feed consumption, diet formulation, and much more.

Healing Touch for Dogs

Titre : Healing Touch for Dogs
Auteur : Dr. Michael W. Fox
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9781557048738
Libération : 2009-08-18

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Distinguished veterinarian and animal psychologist Dr. Michael W. Fox shares his pioneering 6-step dog massage technique, which is not only a healing tool and healthcare measure, but also affirms the bond between you and your animal companion. Drawn from more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic dog anatomy, physiology, and psychology, and then addresses, through easy-to-read instructions and detailed illustrations and photos: Why dogs need massage How to understand your dog’s body language How to develop a massage routine How to diagnose illness with massage How to keep your dog fit and healthy This newly revised and updated volume is an essential guide for helping and healing our animal companions.

Equine Practice 2

Titre : Equine Practice 2
Auteur : Edward Boden
Éditeur : Bailliere Tindall Limited
ISBN-13 : CORNELL:31924073482741
Libération : 1993

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This handbook addresses the issues of equine medicine and is aimed at veterinary practitioners and students. Key topics covered include chapters on the barren mare, an article on laminitis and several chapters on imaging of the horse. This is the second volume in the equine series.

Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice

Titre : Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice
Auteur : David Prydie
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118661475
Libération : 2015-09-22

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Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice provides a concise and accessible introduction to physiotherapy that demonstrates its benefits to both veterinary patients and practitioners. One of the fastest growing specialties in veterinary medicine, this book will help you to successfully introduce physiotherapy into your practice improving rehabilitation and recovery of dogs and cats. Key features: Covers an array of different treatments and techniques, such as manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, and hydrotherapy Includes practical advice on selecting equipment, examinations, treatment protocols, and charging Offers strategies for introducing physiotherapy into the practice schedule, including space and staffing requirements Companion website provides over 50 printable client education handouts for download

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia

Titre : BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Auteur : Tanya Duke-Novakovski
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 1905319614
Libération : 2015-12-21

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New edition of a popular guide for small animal veterinary practitioners covering anaesthesia and its administration. This new edition covers not only the medical aspects, but also the legal, ethical and practical consequences before, during and after surgery The use of anaesthetics and analgesics is broken down into their use in dental, ophthalmic and thoracic surgery among others, and the impact of various diseases and disorders on their efficacy Provides advice on how to deal with complications and emergencies and techniques for managing pain

Education and Ecstasy

Titre : Education and Ecstasy
Auteur : George Leonard
Éditeur : North Atlantic Books
ISBN-13 : 1556430051
Libération : 1987

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"Education and Ecstasy" was originally written as a call for reform in America's school systems. Published in the 60s, and then revised in the 80s, this book reveals the deep-rooted structural problems in American schools--problems which still plague the system. (Education/Teaching)