Subject Guide to Books in Print

Titre : Subject Guide to Books in Print
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105025888517
Libération : 2003

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Mastering Linux

Titre : Mastering Linux
Auteur : Paul S. Wang
Éditeur : CRC Press
ISBN-13 : 9781439806876
Libération : 2011-07-07

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Encouraging hands-on practice, Mastering Linux provides a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to Linux concepts, usage, and programming. Through a set of carefully selected topics and practical examples, the book imparts a sound understanding of operating system concepts and shows how to use Linux effectively. Ready-to-Use Examples Offer Immediate Access to Practical Applications After a primer on the fundamentals, the text covers user interfaces, commands and filters, Bash Shell scripting, the file system, networking and Internet use, and kernel system calls. It presents many examples and complete programs ready to run on your Linux system. Each chapter includes a summary and exercises of varying degrees of difficulty. Web Resource The companion website at offers a host of ancillary materials. Along with links to numerous resources, it includes appendices on SSH and SFTP, VIM, text editing with Vi, and the emacs editor. The site also provides a complete example code package for download. Master the Linux Operating System Toolbox This book enables you to leverage the capabilities and power of the Linux system more effectively. Going beyond this, it can help you write programs at the shell and C levels—encouraging you to build new custom tools for applications and R&D.

An Introduction to ANSI C on UNIX

Titre : An Introduction to ANSI C on UNIX
Auteur : Paul S. Wang
Éditeur : Course Technology
ISBN-13 : UCSC:32106013578015
Libération : 1992

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Designed to teach ANSI C on the UNIX system, this text begins with a chapter on UNIX for C Programmers that facilitates hands-on learning of C in realistic situations. The early stages of the text build a strong foundation for beginners, which allows them to achieve extraordinary programming proficiency later in the course. All C constructs are covered comprehensively. The programming, testing, debugging, and programming maintenance environments for C on UNIX receive extensive coverage, as do UNIX utilities for C programming. Thinking in C sections address programming style and rules of thumb for writing better C programs.

Embedded and Multimedia Computing Technology and Service

Titre : Embedded and Multimedia Computing Technology and Service
Auteur : James J. Jong Hyuk Park
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9789400750760
Libération : 2012-08-31

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The 7th International Conference on Embedded and Multimedia Computing (EMC-12), will be held in Gwangju, Korea on September 6 - 8, 2012. EMC-12 will be the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in Embedded and Multimedia (EM) Computing. EMC-12 will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of EM. In addition, the conference will publish high quality papers which are closely related to the various theories and practical applications in EM. Furthermore, we expect that the conference and its publications will be a trigger for further related research and technology improvements in this important subject. The EMC-12 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Conference on Embedded and Multimedia Computing, previously held as EMC 2011 (China, Aug. 2011), EMC 2010 (Philippines, Aug. 2010), EM-Com 2009 (Korea, Dec. 2009), UMC-08 (Australia, Oct. 2008), ESO-08(China, Dec. 2008), UMS-08 (Korea, April, 2008), UMS-07(Singapore, Jan. 2007), ESO-07(Taiwan, Dec. 2007), ESO-06(Korea, Aug. 2006).

Embedded Computing

Titre : Embedded Computing
Auteur : Joseph A. Fisher
Éditeur : Elsevier
ISBN-13 : 9781558607668
Libération : 2005

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The fact that there are more embedded computers than general-purpose computers and that we are impacted by hundreds of them every day is no longer news. What is news is that their increasing performance requirements, complexity and capabilities demand a new approach to their design. Fisher, Faraboschi, and Young describe a new age of embedded computing design, in which the processor is central, making the approach radically distinct from contemporary practices of embedded systems design. They demonstrate why it is essential to take a computing-centric and system-design approach to the traditional elements of nonprogrammable components, peripherals, interconnects and buses. These elements must be unified in a system design with high-performance processor architectures, microarchitectures and compilers, and with the compilation tools, debuggers and simulators needed for application development. In this landmark text, the authors apply their expertise in highly interdisciplinary hardware/software development and VLIW processors to illustrate this change in embedded computing. VLIW architectures have long been a popular choice in embedded systems design, and while VLIW is a running theme throughout the book, embedded computing is the core topic. Embedded Computing examines both in a book filled with fact and opinion based on the authors many years of R&D experience. · Complemented by a unique, professional-quality embedded tool-chain on the authors' website, · Combines technical depth with real-world experience · Comprehensively explains the differences between general purpose computing systems and embedded systems at the hardware, software, tools and operating system levels. · Uses concrete examples to explain and motivate the trade-offs.

Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies

Titre : Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies
Auteur : Ulrich Meyer
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9783540365747
Libération : 2003-07-01

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Algorithms that have to process large data sets have to take into account that the cost of memory access depends on where the data is stored. Traditional algorithm design is based on the von Neumann model where accesses to memory have uniform cost. Actual machines increasingly deviate from this model: while waiting for memory access, nowadays, microprocessors can in principle execute 1000 additions of registers; for hard disk access this factor can reach six orders of magnitude. The 16 coherent chapters in this monograph-like tutorial book introduce and survey algorithmic techniques used to achieve high performance on memory hierarchies; emphasis is placed on methods interesting from a theoretical as well as important from a practical point of view.

Algorithm Engineering

Titre : Algorithm Engineering
Auteur : Matthias Müller-Hannemann
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9783642148668
Libération : 2010-07-30

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Algorithms are essential building blocks of computer applications. However, advancements in computer hardware, which render traditional computer models more and more unrealistic, and an ever increasing demand for efficient solution to actual real world problems have led to a rising gap between classical algorithm theory and algorithmics in practice. The emerging discipline of Algorithm Engineering aims at bridging this gap. Driven by concrete applications, Algorithm Engineering complements theory by the benefits of experimentation and puts equal emphasis on all aspects arising during a cyclic solution process ranging from realistic modeling, design, analysis, robust and efficient implementations to careful experiments. This tutorial - outcome of a GI-Dagstuhl Seminar held in Dagstuhl Castle in September 2006 - covers the essential aspects of this process in ten chapters on basic ideas, modeling and design issues, analysis of algorithms, realistic computer models, implementation aspects and algorithmic software libraries, selected case studies, as well as challenges in Algorithm Engineering. Both researchers and practitioners in the field will find it useful as a state-of-the-art survey.

High Performance Computing for Computational Science VECPAR 2002

Titre : High Performance Computing for Computational Science VECPAR 2002
Auteur : José M.L.M. Palma
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9783540008521
Libération : 2003-04-07

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 5th International Conference on High Performance Computing for Computational Science, VECPAR 2002, held in Porto, Portugal in June 2002. The 45 revised full papers presented together with 4 invited papers were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers are organized in topical sections on fluids and structures, data mining, computing in chemistry and biology, problem solving environments, computational linear and non-linear algebra, cluster computing, imaging, and software tools and environments.

Handbook of Knowledge Representation

Titre : Handbook of Knowledge Representation
Auteur : Frank van Harmelen
Éditeur : Elsevier
ISBN-13 : 0080557023
Libération : 2008-01-08

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Handbook of Knowledge Representation describes the essential foundations of Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The book provides an up-to-date review of twenty-five key topics in knowledge representation, written by the leaders of each field. It includes a tutorial background and cutting-edge developments, as well as applications of Knowledge Representation in a variety of AI systems. This handbook is organized into three parts. Part I deals with general methods in Knowledge Representation and reasoning and covers such topics as classical logic in Knowledge Representation; satisfiability solvers; description logics; constraint programming; conceptual graphs; nonmonotonic reasoning; model-based problem solving; and Bayesian networks. Part II focuses on classes of knowledge and specialized representations, with chapters on temporal representation and reasoning; spatial and physical reasoning; reasoning about knowledge and belief; temporal action logics; and nonmonotonic causal logic. Part III discusses Knowledge Representation in applications such as question answering; the semantic web; automated planning; cognitive robotics; multi-agent systems; and knowledge engineering. This book is an essential resource for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in knowledge representation and AI. * Make your computer smarter * Handle qualitative and uncertain information * Improve computational tractability to solve your problems easily

Information Assurance

Titre : Information Assurance
Auteur : Yi Qian
Éditeur : Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN-13 : 0080555888
Libération : 2010-07-27

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In today’s fast paced, infocentric environment, professionals increasingly rely on networked information technology to do business. Unfortunately, with the advent of such technology came new and complex problems that continue to threaten the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of our electronic information. It is therefore absolutely imperative to take measures to protect and defend information systems by ensuring their security and non-repudiation. Information Assurance skillfully addresses this issue by detailing the sufficient capacity networked systems need to operate while under attack, and itemizing failsafe design features such as alarms, restoration protocols, and management configurations to detect problems and automatically diagnose and respond. Moreover, this volume is unique in providing comprehensive coverage of both state-of-the-art survivability and security techniques, and the manner in which these two components interact to build robust Information Assurance (IA). The first and (so far) only book to combine coverage of both security AND survivability in a networked information technology setting Leading industry and academic researchers provide state-of-the-art survivability and security techniques and explain how these components interact in providing information assurance Additional focus on security and survivability issues in wireless networks